The effects of CBD are well-known by now. It has many relieving properties, no head high, but has been coined to be a great alternative to unhealthy medications made by big pharma. As time goes by, companies pop-up and are not regulated unfortunately. This leaves room for people to put one thing on a label, but then add or not add what’s inside it.

With that being said, 3 companies have been ousted by a reputable weedtuber (Strain Central) that is known for giving reviews about certain strains in the cannabis community along with CBD products as well. Chill Gummies, Diamond CBD at and Just Chill Vape at have been found to hold synthetic cannabinoids that have been getting people unexpectedly high as they market themselves as a CBD only company. These synthetics found are very dangerous and shockingly, these companies have not been shut down as of yet. What’s even more crazy is Diamond CBD is wholly owned by Potnetwork Holdings, which is a publicly traded company.

The video below may shock you, but be aware of what you’re buying.

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