Everyone is out there trying to live a healthier lifestyle these days, but few are willing to try new things that can take their everyday routine to the next level.

Cloud N9ne is a line of sweet, super smooth hemp-infused syrup. You can add them to sodas, teas and more to totally enhance your beverage and get yourself in a fantastic mood at the same time.

Hemp is naturally nutritious and can even give you a feeling of mind and body tranquility. Few people know that hemp oil contains most essential nutrients that so few of us get in our diets. Obviously, hemp is also a source of cannabinoids which are proven to stimulate and protect the systems of your body against damage.

Now remember, we’re talking cannabidiol (CBD) here, rather than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That makes the syrups legal to buy and possess in all 50 states in the U.S. It’s already been proven to have significantly more medical efficacy than THC without any of the familiar psychoactive effects, and it also won’t show up on most drug tests!

Each bottle of Cloud N9ne Syrup comes packed to the brim with 60mg of 99% pure organic hemp-derived CBD, along with a blend of other 9 all-natural herbs and melatonin that support good health, a relaxed mood and a good night sleep. For a 4-ounce bottle of syrup, that’s anywhere from three to twenty individual doses of CBD. You can use a little, or a lot, to get the flavor and effect that you desire.

After adding 1oz of Cloud N9ne Syrup to my Sprite and sipping, I felt way more chilled out, a weightless body high/relief, happy, and serene than my usual self. It conveniently spices up the flavor of a boring beverage, anytime.

The syrups are made with 9 all-natural herbs, but have a taste that is far from funky. Cloud N9ne Syrup comes in an assortment of fruit flavors to try, mix, and match.

  • Watermelon – Perfectly light and tart while reminding me of summertime vibes.
  • Grape – Classic, nostalgic grape flavor adds a kick to any beverage.
  • Blueberry – Sip on clouds of deep blue fruity aromas.
  • Cherry Bomb – Big and bold cherry vibes abound with this special-edition hip hop release.

Buy a bottle or two, or purchase bulk multi-flavor packs so you never run dry. If you’re a syrup sipper already, or have been wanting to try it, then there is absolutely no excuse for you not to join the passionate and awakened Cloud N9ne community. Follow Cloud N9ne Syrup on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you’ll quickly realize that thousands of people out there truly love this product and have made it a major part of their lifestyle.

You will not “get high” like weed from this hemp product, but if you’re a person that does occasionally get high on other types of hemp products, then Cloud N9ne Syrup will complement your lifestyle flawlessly.

When you try it for the first time, it will be obvious why these syrups are the number one best-selling hemp CBD syrup in the world!

For more information and to buy it for yourself, visit BuyLegalMeds.com!

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